Three Color Pepper Salad with Feta Cheese

Lets start with how colorful and pretty is this salad and is perfect for summer and even the fall season.

This salad is full of fresh ingredients and the perfect amount of salty from the feta cheese and crunchy from the fresh peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. I love to use a few different colors and types of pepper. My favorite ones and the one I use for this salad recipe are bell peppers, jalapeno and poblano. I love to roast the poblano, and have different textures, fresh peppers and roasted soft poblanos go great together. Typically made in Greece and the Southeast Europe, this classic three pepper salad brings me back to my beloved time when I spend in Europe. Always so tasty and fresh and super easy to make.

You Need:

Red Bell Pepper1
Yellow Bell Pepper1
Poblano Pepper1
Tomatoes5 medium size
Green Onion1/2 cup
Feta Cheese Crumbles1/2 cup
Kalamata Olives1/4 cup
Fresh Chopped Parsley1 tbsp.
Olive oil2 -3 tbsp..
Saltto taste
Lemon Juice1/2 tbsp.


Start with washing very thoroughly all the ingredients. Cut to small cubes the bell peppers and put it aside. Roast the poblano peppers either onto open flame on he gas stove or in the oven. make sure to keep an a eye , because they burn quickly. After the poblano has been roasted, peel and cut. Chopped the tomatoes, cucumbers and green onion. And if you like heat like me add slices of jalapeno.

In a large bowl add all the chopped vegetables, parsley and Kalamata olives, add the olive oil, salt and lemon juice and mix well all the ingredients. Add on top the feta cheese and sprinkle with more parsley.


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