Chopsticks Shrimp Salad with Volcano Peanut Dressing

So when comes to salad and soups I am going totally crazy. All my friends are asking me how I can like them so much. Well its super easy answer and specially when you eat really good ones. Sometimes I feel really disappointed when I sit in this expensive restaurant and order salad, because I order always salad and is not good at all. Sometimes fruits are not sweet and juicy, vegetables are not fresh, and sometimes sower.

I hate when I order the salad and they give me this spoiled sower tomato. Or when you look the menu and looks so good and then doesnt taste that way. Well this one is not a disappointment at all, actually is really good and healthy and will become your favorite.

This salad is so fresh, full of great healthy ingredients, crunchy and delicious and the dressings is dynamite. I guarantee that you will make this salad a few times a week like me:).

You need:

Mix Greens3 cups
Purple Cabbage1 cup
Edamame1/4 cup
Cooked Shrimp12
Red Onion1/3 cup
Bell Peppers1/2 cup
Peanuts2 tbsp.
Basil2 tbsp.
Mint1 tbsp.

For the Peanut dressing:

Peanut Butter1/2 cup
Sesame Oil1/3 cup
Soy Sauce1/3 cup
Rice Vinegar1/4 cup
Chili Paste2 tbsp.
Fresh Ginger1 tbsp.
Fresh Garlic1 tbsp.
Agave Nectar2 tbsp.
Water3-4 tbsp.


Cook the shrimp or get precooked from the store. Also cook the edamame per instructions and put it aside.

Slice thinly the purple cabbage, cut on juliennes the bell pepper, you can use any color you like.

In a medium size bowl whisk all the ingredients for the dressing (peanut butter, sesame oil, rice vinegar, agave nectar, fresh grate ginger and garlic, chili paste and water) . If necessary add more water to achieve the desire consistency.

In a large mixing bowl add the mix greens, purple cabbage, mint, basil peppers, edamame, peanuts( I use chili and garlic flavor-Yummm) , add the shrimp and drizzle some of this super delicious dressing on top.

You can store and prep this salad for large parties, its always a winner. I love to make it all seasons, but its really nice during the hot summer days, the crisp fresh vegetables and nice cocktail in your hand.


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