Quick Pork Tacos

What better than a juicy, delicious Pork Tacos that are easy to make and you get the restaurant quality in the comfort of your home. This Pork Tacos are explosion in your mouth, crispy but yet tender meat, seasoned perfectly with the typical spices known for the Mexican cuisine. Pair with caramelized onions, crispy cabbage and celery slaw and creamy avocado crema is the perfect dinner for you. This Tacos a bursting explosion’s of flavor and texture in every bite. They are winner every night of the week. Get a glass of cold drink and lets get those tacos ready.

You Need:

To seasoned the pork

Pork Tenderloin1/1/2 pounds
Saltto taste
Black Pepperto taste
Ancho Chili Powder 1 tbsp.
Cumin1 tbsp.
Garlic and Onion Powder1 tbsp.
Smoked Paprika1/2 Tbsp.
Yellow Onion2

You Need:

To make the Cabbage and Celery Slaw

Cabbage 3 cups
Celery Stalk 1
Lemon and Lime 1 of each
Parsley 1/2 bunch
Olive Oil 2-3 Tbsp.
Salt to taste


Start with cutting the pork loin into a strips. Season the pork with all spices listed above. Heat a tablespoon or so oil in a large cast iron skillet over medium high temperature. Add the pork in a single layer and let it brown for a 2-3 minutes and then turned on the other side. Continue cook and stir as necessary, until you get this nice golden color or until cook through. In meanwhile cut the onions to a half moons . Make sure that you don’t over cooked the pork, otherwise it will become very tough. Remove it from the skillet and then add if need it a tbsp. oil and add the onion to caramelized it. I like to sprinkle a a just a pinch of sugar to help caramelized it even faster. Turn the heat to a low so you don’t burn the onion. Cook it until soften and get this nice caramelized, golden color. Remove it from the skillet and put it in a bowl and set it aside.

To make the Cabbage Slaw -In a bowl add the shredded cabbage, celery stalk, parsley , lemon juice. olive oil and salt. I like to make the slaw wile i cook the pork. Also a trick i learn a wile ago to make a cabbage slow not that tough is to add the cabbage in a bowl and sprinkle with salt a gently masagge it, using your hand. That helps braking the tough parts of the cabbage. Adjust seasoning if need it.

Lets get this tacos ready.

To serve the tacos: Chard the tacos on a open flame and top it with the pork, caramelized onions, cabbage slaw and avocado crema, freshly squeezed lime juice and if you like some cotija cheese you can add it too. Add some chopped jalapeno or hot sauce for some extra kick. You can make the tortilla if you want> that makes the tacos even more delicious. Here is the recipe for home made tortilla.

Equipment you may find useful!

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