Nescafe Frappe

During the hot summer days what’s better then nice Ice coffee. Nescafe Frappe is one of the most popular ice drinks in Greece and Bulgaria. The Frappe originated In Greece and its being their number one Summer drinks for years. What’s better than nice and refreshing coffee drink in your hands in the hot summer days on the beach on Greek island.

You can make it at home and it’s super easy. It contains only few ingredients and it takes only a few minutes. The original recipe use a Nescafe and water, whipped together to get this nice foam.

I like to add some sugar (honey for those who prefer) and a splash of lactose free milk. It is so many variations how to make it. You can use a evaporated milk, almond milk( it doesn’t have a big froth, but is healthy) or no milk at all.

When you make frappe you need to have equal amount of coffee and sugar to have balance flavor. If you like you can cut the sugar in half or use honey.

To make the Frappe you need Frappe Mixer or you can use your hand mixer or electric whizzer.

You Need:

Nescafe Instant Coffee 1-2 tsp.
Sugar 1-2 tsp.
Water 3 Tbsp.
Milk 1/2 cup or more
Ice few cubes


To prepared the Frappe first get the container from the frappe mixer and fill with the water. If you don’t have the Frappe mixer and you are using something different, a tall glass or container will do. After you pour the water, add the Instant coffee and sugar. Wizz the frappe mixer until you get this thick, white creamy foam.

Pour in a serving glass. In the same container add the milk and buzzed it for few seconds until you get that thick foam. I like to use lactose free milk, create really nice fluffy foam. Pour the milk froth on top and add the desired amount of ice cubes.


Equipment you may find useful!

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