Mini Bagel Italian Sandwich

We have here the perfect combination of all times best- bagel and spicy Italian cold cuts blend together in one delicious, mouthwatering sandwich. What else can be better than that, and it is so cute, easy to make. It’s an Italian-American perfection!

This sandwich is great when served for lunch. You could take it along on a picnic too, your kids lunch or you can feed a crowd with just a few extra mini perfections.

This sandwich is loaded with hot Capicola meat, thinly sliced Italian salami, Calabrese, and, because I like to put my spin on everything, I like to add sharp cheddar cheese. This screams: “eat me now”. Now, add a side of my Tomato Bisque and you will be one step closer to heaven.

I love to add some olive tapenade as well or some Ajvar. It’s such an amazing combination of salty and spicy and it’s so heavenly.

You Need:

Mini Bagels4
Hot Capicola4 slices
Italian Salami4 slices
Calabrese 4 slices
Sharp Cheddar Cheese 4 slices


Cut the mini bagels in halves and toast them. Put the Italian cuts in between the two slices of bagel, the cheese and at this point you can add olive tapenade and Ajvar as well it will make this sandwich a heavenly good.

Add the top of the bagel and enjoy!

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