Homemade Marinara Sauce

This easy homemade Marinara Sauce is made with only few ingredients that you already have in your fridge and pantry. You can make it with fresh or can tomatoes and still keep the amazing flavor.

This super easy marinara sauce is healthier and more delicious then any jar sauce you will find in the store.

There is so much to love about this Italian recipe, it brings tradition and memories from generations in your home, just with a few simple ingredients and a touch of love. Back in the days in a typical Italian family making a marinara sauce was a day full of chores and a few generations of Italians canning this amazing fruit. It was a way to preserve all the tomatoes that they’ve been harvest and a whole day to spend with the big Italian family.

It always adds a little extra flavor to make the sauce from scratch, and it also adds a special touch to your dish. It is impossible to compare store-bought products to a homemade one. This sauce is super easy to make.


  • It is made with only few ingredients
  • Lower in sugar and sodium compared to the jar in the store
  • Freezer friendly – you can freeze it and use later. Lasts for months in the freezer
  • perfect for dipping and an amazing addition to your favorite pasta dish

You Need:

San Marzano Tomatoes2-28 oz. can.
Yellow Onion.1 large
Carrots 2 medium size
Salt and Pepper to taste
Garlic 6-8 cloves
Celery 1 stalk
Olive Oil 5 tbsp.
Tomato Paste 2 tbsp.
Oregano 1 tbsp.
Thyme 1 tsp.
Sugar 1 tbsp.
Fresh Parsley 1/3 cup
Fresh Basil6-7 leaves
Red Wine1/3 cup.


In a Dutch Oven heat 5 tablespoons of olive oil.

Add the chopped onion, carrots, celery and sauté for a few minutes. Add the minced cloves of garlic and leave to sauté for about a minute or two on low temperature. Add the tomato paste and stir so it doesn’t burn then add the red wine and deglaze. Let the wine cook on high temperature for a minute or until most of the alcohol evaporates.

Add the crushed tomatoes, and then add the seasoning, some of the fresh chopped parsley and basil. Leave to simmer for about 30 minutes over low heat or until the sauce is reduced in half and thickened. Taste the sauce and adjust seasoning to your likings. After the sauce is done add a 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese. Season with freshly chopped parsley and basil.

Let it cool down and blend in a blender if necessary on batches or with emergency blender.

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