European Style Beignet

What is a Beignet? It’s a delicious chewy and crispy deep fried dough covered with confection sugar, and served on the side with marmalade. In some Eastern European Countries the dough is made with east, eggs and milk like the one we are familiar here in U.S. You can also find in other parts of Europe that they use a very different ways to prepare the dough. Here is my recipe for these delicious little squares.

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You Need:

Ingredients: Amount:
1. AP Flour. 4 cups.
2. Bulgarian Yogurt. 3 1/2 cups.
3. Sugar. 1/4 tsp.
4 Salt. 1/4 tsp.
5. Baking Soda. 1 1/2 tbsp.
6. Vinegar. 1 tbsp.
7. Eggs. 2.

In a large mixing bowl put the dry ingredients first. I always start with the flour. Make a little well. Sprinkle the sugar and salt. Add two eggs. Using your hands slowly mix the eggs in the well, but make sure to keep the well intact because we will use it as a place to add the wet ingredients. In medium size bowl add the yogurt, vinegar and baking soda. Be careful when you are mixing them because the baking soda and vinegar mixture will start to rise. Quickly add the yogurt in the bowl with the dry ingredients and start mixing the dough. Knee the dough for a few minutes until you achieve a nice soft consistency. The dough need to be soft and not sticky to touch. If you think that you need to add more flour while you are making the dough, do so.

This dough do not need to rest. As soon you are done form a nice ball of dough, sprinkle some flour on your working surface, and knee the dough for one more minute. Cut the dough in 4 small balls, and roll each one into a 1/4 inch rectangle. Cut into 2 and a 1/2 inch squares. In a Dutch Oven add the canola or sunflower oil and bring it to 375 F. Using a Deep Fry Thermometer check the temperature and if it is ready start dropping the Beignet on batches. Make sure to not leave the stove unattended because the dough will fry really fast. Don’t forget to flip them halfway through.

Fry them until done or golden brown. Transfer them in a large plate and cover with paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

Now, the only thing you need to do is to serve and eat them. You can dust the Beignet with powdered sugar or eat them with different flavors of jam or marmalade.



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