Cranberry and Bourbon Sauce

When Thanksgiving arrives and I am running around like a crazy person making sure everything is ready to go! The Turkey, the gravy, the mashed potatoes, the table decoration all this is part of the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. One recipe that I feel often gets overlooked and not appreciated is the Cranberries Relish/Sauce. So many people go for the can or store products which is fine, but doesnt come close to the homemade recipe I will share with you today. It is easy and will make a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving Feast you are preparing for your family and friend. It is sweet and tangy, savory and sour with orange flavor- just the perfect combination for your dinner.

You Need

Fresh Cranberries12 oz.
Orange Zest and Juice1 Orange
Sugar1/3 cup
Bourbon2 Tbsp.
Rosemary 1 sprig
Honey1 tbsp.
Thyme 1 sprig
Water1/2 cup or so


In a large skillet over medium high temperature add the sugar and start caramelizing it. When you get the perfect brown color of caramelization add the cranberries and blister them. They will star popping in the caramel, add the bourbon and cook for 30 seconds and then add the water and the seasoning. Turn to boil and then let it simmer for about 8-10 minutes. If necessary add more water. Stir occasionally and cook to get the desire consistency of the sauce. You can refrigerated and use it later. You can prepare the sauce up to 3 days in advance and reheated when need it.

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