Check those recipes for soups. Soups are proven to be healthy. For example chicken soup is perfect compliment for those cold winter days.

Meatball Soup – The Ultimate Comfort Dish

Meatball Soup – The Ultimate Comfort Dish [yasr_visitor_votes_readonly] Meatball soup is well known for its comforting taste. Every country have their own version. Here is my take on this comforting soup, one of my family’s favorites.. [responsivevoice voice=”US English Female” buttontext=”Listen This Recipe”] You Need: For Meatball Soup. Ingredients: Amount: Ground Pork. 1 pound. Onion. …

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Forest Mushroom Soup

Forest Mushroom Soup Rated:[yasr_visitor_votes_readonly] Edible mushrooms are consumed for their nutritional and culinary value. Mushrooms, especially dried shiitake, are sources of umami flavor from guanylate. A commonly eaten mushroom is the white mushroom. In the culinary industry the most known mushrooms to be use are: Morels-With a nutty flavor that is similar to Shiitake Mushrooms, …

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Beet and Yogurt Soup

Beets are very versatile vegetable. They are low on calories and full of vitamins and minerals.You can use them on salads, soups and even to make antioxidant juices. Personally, I love beets. I love making salads or bake and eat them with a little bit of salt. Simple, but Delicious. In the spirit of I …

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Pea and Mint Soup

This recipe for Spring Mint and Pea Soup is really easy to prepare. This is a low on calories and carbs soup and you can make it with vegetable broth for those of you who are vegan. This s very refreshing and suitable for special occasions or holidays. You can also prepare it in a …

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Light Mushroom Soup

This is my take on a very easy to prepare, light and delicious mushroom soup. Different than the well know cream of mushroom, this is a lighter, fresher and in my opinion tastier soup. The main ingredient in this soup are the mushrooms. More and different kinds of mushrooms you use, more flavorful and tastier …

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Light Mushroom soup

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Chicken noodle soup is well known for its comforting taste. Some believe that when chicken soup is prepared with prolonged cooking of a chicken bones it increases the calcium content of the soup. That’s why, I use half a chicken, including the bones, to prepare in my opinion the best chicken soup. With the other …

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Best Chicken Soup

Meatball Soup-Best Soup Ever

European Style Meatball Soup No doubt, hands down my favorite soup is meatball soup. And I am not talking about those soups with huge meatballs inside and a gross looking broth. No, no, no I am talking about this tasty, satisfying, beautiful meatball soup. The best soup you would ever try – meatball soup Bulgarian …

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White Bean Soup

I know this tasty white bean soup from my grandfather. When I was a little kid growing up in Bulgaria, I loved hanging out with my grandfather and learning new things. He was making the best roux based bean soup and all kinds of different soups, so I remember watching him making it and studying …

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White Bean Soup

Chicken Gizzard Soup Recipe

Chicken Gizzard Soup Recipe Disclosure: This content uses referral links. I may be earning a small commission, when you make a purchase using some of the links bellow. This doesn’t mean that you will be paying more, if you decide to purchase certain product or service. In fact, in some cases, you may be getting …

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Recipe for chicken gizzard soup