Fried Foods

Chicken Patties with Dill Aioli

This Chicken Patties are easy and flavorful chicken cakes -breaded chicken patties with dill aioli. This Chicken patties will make the pickiest eaters to lick their fingers. Crisp on the outside with a juicy and tender center and it’s a genius way to use to make your kids to eat healthy meals. My kids love them …

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European Style Beignet

What is a Beignet? It’s a delicious chewy and crispy deep fried dough covered with confection sugar, and served on the side with marmalade. In some Eastern European Countries the dough is made with east, eggs and milk like the one we are familiar here in U.S. You can also find in other parts of …

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Fried Chicken Bites Recipe

You don’t need much to make tender and delicious chicken bites. Good quality chicken meat, marinade to bring out the flavors and the right breading. [responsivevoice voice=”US English Female” buttontext=”Listen This Recipe”] You Need: Ingredients: Amount: Chicken tights. 4 boneless and skinless. All-purpose flour. 1/2 a cup. Eggs. 2. Black pepper. To taste. Salt. To …

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