All the recipes you will find on this blog are homemade with healthy ingredients, no preservatives. Most are passed down across generations, which guarantees their taste and qualities. All the recipes were tested many times. My family and friends have volunteered to taste every and each one of them, which always helps me to bring the best recipes to you. Enjoy responsible!


Our team is small but very compact and determined to bring the best food to your table.

Meet Stela:

Stela is the culinary expert of the blog. With her rich cooking experience and book full of recipes, she is ready to share them with you. Her passion for cooking starts at very early age, learning some tricks and recipes from her grandmother, grandfather and mother. Another inspiration in her cooking is her Bulgarian background. You will find a lot of Eastern European recipes on this blog. Her passion for the kitchen transfers from a hobby to a career as a chef. In her early years she works in elite Bulgarian restaurants. She is very familiar with the fine Italian food, because of her experience working in Italian restaurants in her first years in the States. Currently Stela lives and works in United States. She works in the catering business, where exquisite dishes and glamorous evenings are the basis of her everyday life. Her hobby is still cooking tasty food. Nowadays she loves to cook for her family and friends. Now you can taste her passion for food through this blog. Welcome in Stela’s home.

Meet Angel:
Angel is the heart of the site. He takes care of maintenance, advertising and development of the site. He loves food. Who doesn’t? He likes to experiment in the kitchen and many of the recipes that you would find here are inspired by him.

Our team wishes you a fun and happy time on our blog.

“Enjoy your Meal, Bon Appétit, Buon Appetito, Disfrute de su Cmida, Guten Appetit, Приятного Аппетита, Приятен Апетит,  どうぞお召し上がりください, 请享用!


  This is a culinary blog. You will find a lot of food, recipes, tasty creations and hard to refuse temptations. The blog was created in 2014 with the one and only purpose-to share tasty recipes with its readers. The recipes are not prepared in some fancy test kitchens, but at home and with one purpose-to be enjoyed every day. Most recipes are inspired from the Bulgarian cuisine, but you will find a lot of different cuisines and cultures sometimes mixing together in the craziest and the same time tastiest dishes you will ever find. I’ve mentioned Bulgarian cuisine and I want to tell you a little bit more about it.

Bulgarian cuisine is based on a vast number of Bulgarian dishes, but it also shares dishes with Middle Eastern, Italian and Russian cuisines. Bulgarian cooking traditions are diverse because of geographical factors such as climatic conditions suitable for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit, which contributes to a wide range of tasty soups and salads. Main courses are very typically water-based stews, either vegetarian or with meat. Deep-frying is not very popular in Bulgaria, but grilling is. Pork is common, often mixed with beef or lamb, although fish and chicken are also widely used. Bulgaria and its cuisine is also famous with the yogurt. The country is notable as the historical namesake for Lactobacillus bulgaricus, one of several bacteria used for the production of yogurt. Bulgarian cuisine makes a stamp with its tasty variety of the dairy products. Bulgaria is also prominence with its wines and other alcoholic drinks such as rakia. Cooking traditions in Bulgaria are strong and are kept alive for many years by passing recipes from grandparents to parents, to children, to grandchildren. The young Bulgarians are raised around the table and kitchen with a lot of different, tasty and healthy food.


We’ve made this site so we can share our food with you. It’s very important for us to hear, if you like the food we love. So please comment, even if its something negative. We like to hear and learn your opinion. We hope to see you around again!

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